Dép Sandal Đế Bằng Thời Trang Mùa Xuân 2020 Cho Nữ

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  • Chất lượng, Uy tín
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Giới thiệu Dép Sandal Đế Bằng Thời Trang Mùa Xuân 2020 Cho Nữ

Brand: No brand.
Outer material: Leather
Popular element: Embroidery; Appropriate majlis: Every day; Suitable crowds: Young people (aged 18-40); Style: Casual; Heel style: Flat bottom; Style: Baotou; Low heel height (1cm - 3cm); Single ingredient: Tpr ; Cowhide leather film separator upper part; Jenama: Parun / park rui; (Oxen 's skin is two layers! Fake one pays ten! Good quality! Good clothes are the last word!) (One smaller saiz, handed over to take saiz 's new guy! The little girl usually wears 35 shoes, this one wearing 36 feet.) Saiz: 36-41 handmade genuine cowhide, the whole skin is made in one, very cold, like one hand wrapped in a soft leg. Gimme the baotou slip more suitable for the decay and winter clothes! You may wear underwear or cover up, prepare a pair in the office, take off your high heels and let your feet rest! Soft feet are very suitable for pregnant women. Slim and white feet! We 're trying to do all the answers before and after the sale! Our price is worth the quality of the goods! We don 't fight cheaply at low cost to reduce quality of goods! All the problems of kualiti are returned and replaced (damage is not artificial)!) There are many models in talian, many performers copied quickly, using lower leather rather than genuine leather, good quality content, and deceiving users at low prices. Watch carefully. (It focuses on high-quality women 's sandals, clicks (enter the tavern), better sandals and more diskons! ↓↓↓】
Color: 9807 black,9807 white,9807 orange,9807 sos purple,9808 white breathing,9808 breathing black,9808 breathing oren
Saiz: 36,37,38,39,40,41
Liên kết: Nước tẩy trang mắt môi Gạo Rice Water Bright Lip & Eye Makeup Remover The Face Shop (120ml)