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Genuine sap single ingredient
Suitable jantina: Female
Artificial leather top cover
Closing: Velcro
A generous and very beautiful shoe, a beautiful princess' s shoe cabinet. Quality and style are excellent! Because of the need for expenditure, we have a small button under the lining in the heel, otherwise the whole heel will be very pretty. Zou, it 's not a qualitative problem, it' s for every pair of sandals, please be careful!! We deliver best express., And what is the need to call solemn customers he is given to choose the length of shoes with long legs, Foot length +0.6 cm = Length Deep Sandals Is Like Here: Length Deep 26 Meter Is Roughly 16.1cm Length Deep 27 meters. Is Roughly 16.7cm Length Deep 28 Meter Is Roughly 17.4cm Length Deep 29 Meter Is Roughly 18.1cm Length Deep 30 Meter Is Roughly 18.7cm 31 Meter Around 19.4cm Length, About 20cm long., Approximately 20.6cm long, Approximately 20.6cm 34 meters long, Approximately 21.3cm 35 meters long, Approximately 21.9cm 35 meters long, And about 22.5cm 36 meters long.
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