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Giới thiệu Khuyên Tai Dáng Dài Đính Ngọc Trai Đơn Giản

Welcome to our fashion jewelry shop!!!
100% novelty and quality.
Product information:
- Color: silver
- Weight: 7.7 g
- Size: 1.5x7.2 cm
- Material: alloy

Ornaments fit for scene: wedding, party, banquet, date, outing, gifts for birthday gifts, etc.

Essential tools for photographing and going out of the street

The pen of personality wear

Chic and small fresh cute temperament

Simple and small delicate feeling

Flower season girls' daily accessories

Q: How long can alloy jewelry be used without fading oxidation
A: it's a normal physical phenomenon that alloy @ - @ like affordable jewelry oxidizes because of dampness. Gold jewelry will be added plating protection to prolong life, but because everyone uses different habits, there is no way to ensure how long it will fade.
Q: Can alloy jewelry be allergic, please
A: everyone has a different constitution, a different allergen, and some special constitution is allergic to many metals, even on pure gold, sterling silver can also be allergic. our products come from our factory. all ornaments are made of allergic alloys that are suitable for most people.
Q: Under what circumstances will alloy ornaments fade and oxidize
- Exposure to chemicals, detergents, perfumes, swimming, not keeping dry, etc..
- When exposed to sweat, the acid content of sweat is high, causing corrosion and oxidation to alloys.
- Wet climate and sulfur dioxide in the air can cause the oxidation of alloy jewelry.
Q: How to save alloy jewelry
- Keep as dry as possible. please clean and store it after wear. it can prolong the life of the jewelry.
- Avoid contact with sweat to corrosive effect, avoid sweating as much as possible, wear after cleaning, use silver cloth wipe, then put in the clip chain bag seal to avoid contact with air.
- Avoid multiple jewelry mixed bare storage, easy to cause scratch injury and oxidation.

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If you want to ask if it is possible, you can basically buy it directly as long as you can click on the web page to select the product specifications.. If there is no specification to choose from, you can also ask customer service via chat system!
If you have any further questions, please use the chat system at any time. our customer service is looking forward to serving you!
There will be slight errors in the size of the manual measurements. due to factors such as display and photo @ - @ lighting, there will be minor color differences between the picture and the actual product..
Note: Các sản phẩm có chất liệu vàng, kim cương, đá quý trong shop đều là xi mạ/ nhân tạo.
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